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Susan Hahn

As seen in the Baltimore Business Journal

Moria Byrne, Contributor

If Susan Hahn is working hard, she wants you to work harder.

As an executive coach with Baltimore consulting firm Swan Consulting LLC, Hahn can tell when her clients have been forced to accept coaching or when they just don’t give a darn about the goals that are within their grasp.

“If it gets to the point where I am working harder than the client, I don’t hesitate to terminate the [coaching] relationship,” Hahn said. “I know when a client’s heart isn’t in it.”

There is little doubt Hahn’s heart is in her work. Passionate and enthusiastic, Hahn has been coaching executives for 26 years, three as an independent coach with Swan Consulting.

Working for nonprofit organizations — including Towson-based Sheppard Pratt Health System — for most of her career, Hahn has done everything from directing employee assistance and training programs to helping solve contract and other personnel disputes. She has sat at the right hand of high-ranking executives as they worked through such corporate issues — or what Hahn has dubbed the “administrivia” of business — as developing business plans and educating board members.

“My life experience in business has been at the executive level,” Hahn said. “As a coach, it makes sense to me to be the one doing the work directly with the client.”

As an independent coach, Hahn has worked with executives of Johns Hopkins Hospital, the World Bank Group, Venable LLP and several law enforcement agencies. She occasionally attends her clients’ meetings to study their communication and behavioral styles.

She trains her executives to understand that their success depends on the development of their relationships with their staff and clients.

“[Hahn] gives you the tools to the trade that help make people click by showing you how to discover people’s individual strengths,” said Michael Logsdon, president and CEO of Hunt Valley-based commercial real estate services firm EMG. “And when you learn how to use people’s individual strengths, you really can work as a cohesive team.”

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